A whole lot has changed

Well, clearly by the lack of posts since that last one, things have changed. Quite a lot, in fact.

Life often doesn’t go as planned, and plans are derailed or go awry. But, I’d like to start using this blog again, so without going into more detail than needed, here’s the short version of what’s happened, and at least what I think is coming up:

  • 2017:
    • While I didn’t finish working on the nature video project I attempted to start, I did learn a lot about filming and editing 4K video
    • What I did do is buy a sailboat… in the US Virgin Islands… In July. The sailboat was a 1984 Allmand 35. I bought it from an old drunk and was going to fix it up and go live in the Caribbean for a year or two! This seemed like a great plan, until:
    • Luckily, while I wasn’t at the boat (or even in the USVIs at the time), it was tied up very well in the marina, and survived both hurricanes with minor damage. Unluckily, the island hadn’t gotten off so easily, and my plans of moving to the island onto the boat and working on it were dashed.
    • I watched a bunch of episodes of a TV show called Forged In Fire and got interested…
  • 2018:
    • In January, I took a class at Fire Horse Forge, intro to bladesmithing, where I forged a knife. I enjoyed the class immensely, and decided to sign up for another more advanced one in May.
    • I sold the boat in the USVIs for about 60% of what I’d bought it for.
    • I leased a Kia Stinger GT2.
    • In May, I took the second course, loved it, and made another even cooler knife. I then encouraged some friends to do the same.
    • In September, a bunch of friends and I did a 4 day sailing charter in the San Juans, with me captaining again. Once more on the Christelle.
    • In December, one of those friends that had tried out the knifemaking course and I started putting together our own forge at his house and started making things.
  • 2019:
    • I worked on learning to make knives on my own.
    • I took a solo road trip in the summer for two weeks, going through Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Craters of the Moon.
    • I met a wonderful woman who I’ve been partners with ever since
    • I commissioned a logo for Wing on Wing, which I’ve since used on the knives I make and will soon apply to this site
  • 2020:
    • I’m pretty sure I had big plans for 2020. But, uh, the whole COVID thing happened.
    • I did make more knives, though.
  • 2021:
    • Vaccines were had!
    • I leased another Stinger GT2. In the same color as before, just the 2022 model!
    • More knives were made. Damascus ones.
    • In August, friends and I (including my partner) did a week-long sailing charter in the San Juans aboard a 44′ Jeanneau.
    • As of end of 2021… I’m looking for a sailboat again. Something a bit bigger and longer term, this time.