Coming soon…

I’ll be making more regular updates in the coming months, but recently have been busy getting caught up and settled in with my new job at Tableau Software, and have been prevented from doing much in the way of bird photography by all the gray, rainy weather we’ve been having.I know, I never did write an entry for the Texas birding trip, and I may try to do that in the next few days.

But, coming soon:

  • Sailing in Mexico! Some friends and I set up a somewhat last-minute sailing trip to La Paz, Mexico (same place I got my ASA104/114 certifications) from January 9th-12th and I’ll be skippering a 41ft (12.5m) Morgan ‘Out Island’ Ketch. I’ll be buying a full GoPro Hero4 Silver bundle before the trip and will be compiling lots of footage into a video to go onto the upcoming Wing on Wing YouTube channel (along with learning to use Adobe Premier)
  • I’ve got tentative plans with another friend to head down to Costa Rica for a long weekend in late March or early April as well for several days of surfing, lounging, and birding (the birding in Costa Rica should be amazing)
  • And of course, more bird photography from the Seattle area (once the weather gives me a break!)

Lots of adventures coming in 2016!


Sailing video series on YouTube to follow

One of the great things about the internet is how easy it is to share our lives and experiences with others, whether through blog form like this, social media, or videos on YouTube (or Vimeo, or others). I’ve been watching a lot of these over the past few months and have even become a patron on Patreon for several as well. I’ll list the best ones I’ve found here for you to check out and enjoy.

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New camera body, unpredictable weather, and waiting on Adobe

No gallery post from this last weekend: the weather report was opposite of what was predicted, so my booked-up Saturday turned out to be beautiful and the predicted-partly-sunny-Sunday turned out to be gray and rainy the entire day. That said, I had time to play indoors (with my parrots as subjects) with the new Nikon D7200 that was released (and which I bought from Glazer’s Camera) on Thursday the 19th.

It’s a huge upgrade from my D3200, particularly in terms of high ISO and autofocus, as well as configurability, so I’m still learning my way around it. Unfortunately, it’s also so new that Adobe doesn’t yet support the RAW files with their Adobe Camera RAW support. This means that I’m stuck using Nikon’s awful Capture NX-D software to edit the RAW files until Adobe releases an update to handle the D7200, so I’m avoiding doing much editing for now, instead just culling things not worth editing and doing what I can with a few of my favorite shots. Once Adobe does another release, I’ll be going over several weeks (hopefully not months!) of shots and I’ll post my favorites here.

Instead, here’s one from this weekend that I really liked, and you can see a few others over on my Instagram account.

Auri is my ~8 year old lilac-crowned amazon