British Virgin Islands 2015 Trip – Part 3

The Search For Alcohol

As we were going to be leaving relatively early the next day, it was a good time to evaluate our food and drink supplies and restock, which I did, with the help of several of my crew. However, the grocery store at the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor didn’t have much of a selection, and one of the crew of the other boat had already purchased the store’s entire supply of Pusser’s.

Lucky for me, that’s when Glenn showed up again.

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British Virgin Islands 2015 Trip – Part 2

(For part one, go here. To see Charles’ part-one post about the trip on his blog, go here.)

Dinner at the Cooper Island Beach Club

That evening all seventeen of us joined together at the Cooper Island Beach Club for our dinner reservations. It’s a nice place with some pretty darn good food: I had the seared scallops & pork belly as an appetizer (which was quite delicious) and some blackened mahi-mahi as my main course (also good). Others had things like conch fritters, tuna, West Indian chicken curry with roti, and pork, while we all had some really tasty cocktails. Not just painkillers, this time!

After dinner my crew hung out near a wifi hotspot for a while, uploading a few pictures and checking in with loved ones, before I took them back in groups (since we couldn’t just fit all nine of us into the dinghy at once). A few went to bed, a few stayed up a while longer in the quiet, and I showed them the game of shining a bright flashlight into the water to see what we could attract.

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British Virgin Islands 2015 Trip – Part 1

“Hold the flight, there’s 15 more behind me coming!” I yelled, out of breath after sprinting down the Miami terminal from my previous flight. Our flight from St. Thomas had gotten in on time, but a jet with mechanical problems was stuck in our original gate, and we’d had to wait for the new gate–only a few doors down from our connecting flight to Seattle–to be available. It turned our 45 minute connection into less than 5 minutes.

But I should back up to the beginning of the trip if I’m going to tell this correctly.

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It’s real pretty here

Here’s the view from my boat today, the 50′ catamaran Freedom Seeker.


Needless to say, we’re having a wonderful time. We’ve been snorkeling and enjoying the sunshine here at Cooper Island all day, and we’re headed to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda tomorrow.

(unrealiable WiFi means this is being posted the day after it was taken)


Oh Lightroom, how I’ve missed you

Adobe’s Lightroom 6 was released this week, bearing with it support for various new camera models including my Nikon D7200. What a relief! Nikon’s Capture NX-D software is terrible and slow, so despite some online purchasing difficulty with Adobe, everything is back up and running.

Thus, I’ve gone back through the last several weeks of D7200 photos with a culling and editing pass. I’m only partway through and have found a number of photos I’d passed over in Capture NX-D.

Female Red-breasted Nuthatch

Female Red-breasted Nuthatch

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